While not technically a subject I would normally write about, I had the opportunity to use Overplay.net's SmartDNS technology over the past few months.  As a company that regularly works with clients overseas and occasionally travels out of the country, I wanted the ability to access various sites with 'local' DNS settings.  For instance, I went to London and Scotland in September of 2013.  Using SmartDNS technology, I could still access my USA selection of Netflix via a setting in my account profile.

Keep in mind, though, that you may only access the service from one location at a time.  So, someone at my home in the States couldn't also be viewing UK sites with a UK DNS, while I am at a different location.

After returning home, I was then able to watch some shows I found that I liked in the UK that weren't available back here.  For the price, and with the increase in people getting rid of traditional cable options in favor of web based ones, SmartDNS is a great deal.  Watch UK tv shows from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and more.  If you speak a foreign language and want to view programs only available, say in Italy, Japan or China, you can do that, too.  For $4.95 a month you can't go wrong!

Next, I'm going to test their full VPN service, which allows you to select a DNS location from a specific part of the US or foreign country from a list.  Here's the description of this service from the overplay.net website -

A VPN 'tunnels' traffic between two devices by transmitting it over the public internet. OverPlay takes this one step further by giving you the option to encrypt all the data you send and receive, and additionally allows you to appear to be located many miles (or in a different country) from where you really are!

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